Who are Excelien?

We are revolutionising the way IT projects are conducted, making it simpler and faster to find the best vendor for your project. 

Imagine, a single partner connecting you to over 300+ vendors for UCaaS, SD-WAN, IaaS and more, analyse those providers in real-time to identify who’s relevant locally and globally, deep-dive into security compliance, data centre locations and pre-requisites for each partner, prepare and manage proof of concepts, quotes at 0% margin and support post-sale. Excelien.









How does it work

We provide a technology advisory service focused on Cloud (IaaS, DRaaS), Telephony (UCaaS, CCaaS), Security (Managed Services), Connectivity (WAN, SD-WAN, DIA) and Data Centre Infrastructure (Storage, Server, Networking).
Understanding the ever-changing service portfolios of more than 300+ partners ensures that your solution is an exact fit for your business. We assemble the partners suited for your project, whether singular or multiple.

Are there any financial implications?

Every business wants to weigh the risk of every decision made. Excelien as a singular provider helps you focus on minimising risk by working with a multitude of vendors ensuring a market overview is provided financially and technically.

Our partner structure will ensure the the quote from the vendor will typically be the same or better.

Intermediary vs Direct

Our relationship is with over 300+ of the largest and most highly-vetted selection of vendors; we can leverage the influence of £250m+ of orders currently placed to reach the right contacts and escalations to ensure service is at its highest level.

We are not a middle-man. Instead, we are an extension of your organisation ensuring you can extract the true value from vendors and Excelien as a trusted advisor.

How can this speed up my project?

Excelien can connect you to over 300+ vendors from the click of the button, allowing you to delve into the compliance, locations covered, sweet spots and more within our Excelien app.
When we move to the next stage of translating your requirements, we provide unrivalled support service, with one of the largest teams of highly skilled pre and post-sales engineers to expedite configurations, proposals and installation of services.

What’s the process

We use our experience and know-how of these vendors in conjunction with our customer’s needs and connect with the best solutions, we remain vendor-agnostic throughout and believe in selecting providers based on the ability to deliver the solution correct for your organisation

Value Delivered

We can find a world-class solution no matter where your business is located

  • Speed

  • Expertise

  • Global Reach

  • Time to Value