Security of the Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure cloud services provide excellent financial and technical advantages, providing you a route to on-demand deployments of applications and IT resources via the internet with consumption-based pricing. Security is a high priority for deploying on Microsoft, and Azure, and distributes this security responsibilities with you to provide the highest level of protection.


Azure maintains the underlying infrastructure, and you must secure the workloads running on Azure. The security configuration options you choose relies on the sensitivity of your workload and the services you are using in Azure. For Azure infrastructure services, such as Azure VMs and Azure Storage, you have various options around which security regulations you set up. Using Azure VMs, you have total control of when patches are made along with any software you install, meaning you need to protect your systems, and patchin the same way you manage your existing machines today. If you have managed services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure AppServices or Azure SQL, configuring security controls like patching the guest OS or maintaining instances or applications is nothing to worry about — Microsoft handles that for you. No matter which services you are utilising, it is still essential to understand your responsibilities.

What is Shared Security Responsibility?

The below model shows a breakdown of responsibilities between Microsoft and you:

For IaaS workloads in Azure, Microsoft is liable for securing the foundational services of the cloud, such as database, storage, compute power, and networking services. You’re responsible for the configuration of those services and your data on the cloud. You are responsible for network traffic protection, and any incident reporting. The application security components of your site are also your responsibility.

For PaaS workloads, such as Azure AppServices or SQL, Microsoft is responsible for managing the security of the Host Infrastructure (VMs) and Network Controls (Virtual Networks, Endpoints, and Network Security Groups or Access Control Lists).

Microsoft’s Active Directory and Azure Active Directory can be used to manage the Access Management area. However, this is something you have to implement and configure for your IaaS or PaaS deployments.

Alert Logic has solutions that help your organisation address the areas you are responsible for with your host infrastructure, network controls, application-level controls, and client & endpoint protection.

7 Best Practices for Cloud Security

There are seven essential best practices for cloud security that you should implement to protect yourself from the next vulnerability and/or wide-scale attack:

1. Secure Your Code

Securing code is your responsibility, and applications are an increasingly popular entry point into IT systems. Code that has not been thoroughly tested and secure makes it all the easier for attackers to do harm. Make sure that security is part of your software development lifecycle from the start: testing your libraries, scanning plugins, etc.

2. Create An Access Management Policy

Logins are the keys to your kingdom and should be treated as such. Access management is critical across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS deployments. Make sure you have a solid access management policy in place, especially concerning those who are granted access temporarily. Integration of all applications and cloud environments into your corporate AD or LDAP centralised authentication model will help with this process, as will two-factor authentication.

3. Adopt a Patch Management Approach

Unpatched software and systems can lead to major issues; keep your environment secure by outlining a process where you update your systems regularly. Consider developing a checklist of essential procedures, and testing all updates to confirm that they do not damage or create vulnerabilities before implementation into your live environment. Microsoft manages this for the PaaS and SaaS services, but it is crucial to understand how they patch these workloads and when that can affect your services.

4. Log Management

Log reviews should be an essential component of your organisation’s security protocols. Logs are now useful for far more than compliance; they have become a powerful security tool. You can use log data to monitor for malicious activity and forensic investigation.

5. Build A Security Tool Kit

No single piece of software is going to handle all of your security needs. You have to implement a defence-in-depth strategy that covers all your responsibilities – Implement IP tables, web application firewalls, antivirus, intrusion detection, encryption, and log management.

6. Stay Informed

Stay informed of the latest vulnerabilities that may affect you. The internet is a wealth of information, so use it to your advantage by searching for the breaches and exploits that are happening in your industry. See the resources below for more details.

7. Understand Your Cloud Service Provider Security Model

Finally, as discussed, get to know your provider, understand where the lines are drawn and plan accordingly. By having a solid security-in-depth strategy, coupled with the right tools and people that understand how to respond, you will put yourself into a position to minimise your exposure and risk.

Resources available to you

Let Excelien keep you up-to-date of the latest developments in the cloud security industry – from emerging security threats to the most recent changes in compliance regulations through a variety of resources, including:

Alert Logic Weekly Threat Report – Subscribe to receive a weekly email of the three most significant breaches of the week from around the globe and the Top 20 malicious IP addresses.

Cloud Security Reports – Updated regularly based on a comparative analysis of security threats across thousands of Alert Logic customers with infrastructures in either enterprise data centres or the cloud environments of more than 20 hosting providers.

Alert Logic Blog – Subscribe to our blog which provides commentary on topics that are related to our technologies, such as log management, threat management and IT compliance management.



Excelien is excited with its latest partnership with Dialpad, a company making monumental moves in Silicon Valley and counts Netflix, Uber and Xero in their client base. Dialpad has already made its name in the UCaaS market for being the leading technology behind Yahoo Voice, Grand Central, and Google Voice. What came next is a Unified Communication and Contact Centre platform, which revolutionises the way companies operate. DialPad is entirely home-grown, created and developed for the cloud, meaning they can develop and issue the latest innovations at an accelerated pace compared to their adversaries, which would tend to rely on 3rd party products to piece together an offering. 

Integrate and Collaborate

Dialpad desired a service which worked the way employees worked – on any device and from any location. It originated with designing seamless integrations with all significant applications, with email systems like G-Suite and O365, Servicedesk integrations such as Zendesk and Jira, Collaboration tool integrations with Slack or Linkedin and CRM’s such as Salesforce and Hubspot – All within a single pane of glass. As Dialpad is a 100% cloud-based platform, it syncs voice, video, contacts, and more in real-time within the integrations, meaning Dialpad can be the core of the user.

Video Calling

The conception of simplicity and ease of use is the focus of Dialpad. An example is Uberconference (was created before Uber!) has no PINs, no software to download, which means no hassle. With features such as Call Transcription and Voice AI available in real-time, you can get even more out from your conference calls. Dialpad creates products focused around exceptional user experiences and simplicity is core to everything Dialpad do.


Voice Transcription

Have you ever experienced awkward silences on calls or video-conferences were users are writing down notes rather than listening or forgetting a key point from earlier? With VoiceAI before, throughout, and following every call. It is actively building to-do lists, finding answers to tough questions, and it’s discovering trends and insights that become common over time. As long as someone is talking within Dialpad, Vi is there making that conversation smarter and better.

Supporting Sales Teams and Agents

Dialpad Support and Sell offer innovative services for sales teams, contact centre agents and support staff, with the idea of simplicity at the core, users have a single platform with native integrations plus real-time coaching and suggestions. An example an agent can be on a call and real-time recommendations of how to answer the questions can pop-up and even highlighting previous conversations about topics related to the call. As data grows from your calls, the system will proceed to get more intelligent, empowering your agents further.

Excelien looks into the top 3 features of Dialpad Sell and Support.

1 – Dialpad help you identify who to call.

Dialpad maps the purchase intent and sentiment so Sales teams can identify who to call first. Dialpad looks at previous data to see if the prospect previously mentioned they had the budget, it was the right time, and isn’t using a competitor vs the one that said several competitors, and maybe a more competitive, longer sales cycle. Dialpad Sell helps save time, distinguish who to call, and know that it’s the right person to call.

2 – We help you know what to say.

Dialpad will save your users time on calls by taking notes for them. Providing real-time transcriptions they can reference, bringing up recommendations to questions they might not know how to answer, and even ensure they’re following the sales process or playbook you have in place. The goal is to help you understand what is happening in these conversations and to support your users in having better, smoother, and more viable sales conversations. Dialpad removes the “I don’t know moments”, ensure they’re following the playbook, and provide them with reminders on how to answer those tough questions around the competition or that new feature.

3 – We help you know what happened.

Everything post-call we refer to as Google Search for your conversations. All of your calls and indexed, searchable, and shareable. Want to know how often a competitor is named, or someone talks about that new product? It’s a few clicks away. Shortly, you’ll be able to build call libraries of entire calls or specific moments of calls to enable your team to learn from their colleague’s conversations and help your team learn from each other or share best practices. You’ll also be able to take all of this data with you and push it to a data studio to combine with other data sources if that’s of interest.

Dialpad Sell

Dialpad Support

Security and Compliance

Security will be part of any project, and the telephone system is no different. Dialpad provides a range of security features from single sign-on capabilities to automated user provisioning. Dialpad allows integrations for access management through SAML and SCIM, integrating into providers like AzureGSuiteOneLoginOkta, and more. Calls with Dialpad across the VoIP network, as well as in transit web requests is encrypted utilising TLS and application data that is permanently stored at rest uses AES 256-bit within Google Cloud Platform. Dialpad will support your organisation to meet GDPR compliance obligations through features such as retention policies, data subject access requests, and specific consent mechanisms. Dialpad offers customers a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) and is also a Privacy Shield compliant. 

Business Continuity and Call Quality

Dialpad sits within the Google Cloud platform on a split-cloud architecture with Data Centres in every region, so anywhere you are based, you are receiving the most reliable service and enterprise call quality. The capacity to move data centres upon calling is seamless to the end-user, so they’ll receive the same user-experience anywhere in the world they are.

Committed to Service

At the speed UCaaS and CCaaS are growing, Dialpad will not leave you behind – the customer support is fundamental to the Dialpad ethos. The natural growth for many of the trading and largest UC and CC vendors is they churn and burn, acquiring customers, but not giving organisations (especially the SMB market) the concentration and support they need to be thriving customers. Dialpad offers 24/7 end-user support, as well as a comprehensive professional services plan with a Customer Success Manager, a Technical Manager, and an Implementation Manager. Dialpad is an agile, fast-growing organisation that ensures customer benefit and satisfaction is at the top of our priority list, not merely getting the customer on the books.


Our cloud advisory team at Excelien are experts in a range of Unified Communications and Contact Centre rollouts. Please speak to one of our cloud consultants today to see how we can increase productivity, manage costs and move to a futureproofed solution.

 Begin your 14 day trial with DialPad!

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Educators are scrambling to find solutions to ensure students continue their learning paths. Healthcare providers are challenged to provide care and communicate effectively in real-time with their patients and with each other. Nonprofits are creating awareness and connecting communities locally and globally with the right information, care, and help.

RingCentral has seen these industries will struggle if they haven’t got the right communication tools in place, their technology enables mobile and distributed teams and entire organisations to communicate, collaborate, and stay productive while minimizing risks to health and safety. RingCentral has been focused on making communications more accessible and seamless.

RingCentral Office will provide all those impacted with video conferencing, team messaging, business phones, and even SMS and fax—all modes of communication needed by teachers, students, healthcare providers, and non-profits as they come to terms with the impact of COVID-19.

For teachers who now have to ensure students remain on their educational paths through distance learning, RingCentral’s video conferencing capabilities, team messaging and screen sharing enable them to stay connected with their students while they learn from home. RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system also provides phone numbers to every faculty member, teacher, and student, enabling them to call and send/receive SMS using those numbers (rather than personal mobile numbers).

Similarly, healthcare providers who need to check in on their patients’ well-being can also leverage RingCentral’s business phone service. In addition, faxing any documentation, whether that’s prescriptions, billing details, previous health records, etc., is also offered to ensure that the health and safety of patients are not compromised.

Non-profit organizations are offering services to impacted people mainly via phone and text, and the RingCentral solution—which can be enabled within minutes to the entire organization—makes it a viable option so those on the frontlines of the crisis don’t lose time.

For assistance in getting signed up, get in touch with Excelien and we’ll be able to set you up within 24 hours.

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We genuinely hope that you and your co-workers remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented circumstances. As a leading advisory organisation, we have worked side by side with our eco-system of vendors within the network services and cloud communications space, alongside Masergy we have a created a unique offering to accelerate your virtual workforce strategy further. We have created a short-term offer with a minimum 3-month commitment, and available for immediate response to build a productive and secure remote workforce for your global company.

VPN Offer: Fast and Fully-Managed Remote Connectivity

Require secure connectivity over the public internet to enable your workforce? Masergy Networking as a Service (NaaS) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) offers a turnkey solution for securely connecting remote workers to your corporate WAN. Entrust Masergy for fast and fully-managed connectivity.

  • Get bulk VPN connections spun up within 24 hours
  • Employees can use their home internet securely by connecting directly into Masergy’s software-defined network for high-performance application delivery.
  • A global team supporting 24/7 network performance monitoring

Unified Communications Offer: Empower Remote Workers

Companies want a seamless transition from office to home and maintain the productivity of the workforce while working at home. Masergy’s remote collaboration solutions support your team to stay productive wherever they are and on any device. To collaborate effectively, your workforce needs a seamless experience and the same resources and communication options they have in the office. Masergy makes it easy for you to deliver a work-from-home business model.

  • Masergy’s Remote Productivity Suite includes face-to-face meetings over video, softphone, presence, chat, and even desktop sharing
  • UCaaS technologies are embedded into Masergy’s software-defined network, so users get high-performance application delivery

Cloud Contact Center Quick Deploy Offer: Enable Remote Agents

Ramp up remote agents in just one week using Masergy’s Quick Deploy Offer. Powered by Cisco Webex Contact Center, this solution cost-effectively implements critical cloud-based services to facilitate the world-class experience today’s customers have come to expect.

This offer includes:

  • Rapid installation that typically occurs in five business days from order to live service
  • A FREE softphone or you can continue using your existing end-points
  • Tiered service options for standard and premium agents
  • VoIP, PSTN, and fully managed services with 24/7 network performance monitoring
  • Free toll/local number access and PSTN call, respectively for the first 90 days


Our cloud advisory team at Excelien are experienced in a range of Unified Communications and Contact Centre rollouts. Please speak to one of our cloud consultants today to see how we can increase productivity, manage costs and move to a futureproofed solution, whether temporary or permanent.


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