UCaaS – Journey to Cloud

We are proud to be working with Gartner’s top vendors which include 8×8, RingCentral, Fuze, DialPad, Cisco and more on the “Journey to Cloud” initiative for UCaaS.

This initiative began with the ISDN and PTSN termination annoucement that from 2020, BT begin phasing this out over a 5 year period and encourage businesses to move to alternative communication solutions such as UCaaS, VOIP and SIP.

We take a consultive approach on the UCaaS market, providing a market analysis based on your organisations requirement, this could include;-

  • Integrations in to certain CRM’s such as SalesForce or Bullhorn
  • Data Center locations for a globally dispersed workforce
  • Security compliance requirements such as PCI

This is a funded market analysis, specific to your requirements, if you’re considering the move, get in contact with Excelien to understand how.

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UCaaS – Journey to Cloud