Are your users able to work remotely?

Excelien has been observing its clients and how they’ve managed the impact of the current Coronavirus outbreak. Increasing numbers of IT and Operation teams are now concentrating on delivering business continuity and ensuring the workforce can continue business as usual through remote working, whether it be local or international users.

This article intends to give business leaders a perspective on the developing circumstances and implications for their companies. This outbreak is advancing swiftly, and so, these views may become out of date. We will ensure to keep readers updated as solutions continue to develop.

The main focus is to protect your employees from COVID-19, which will probably challenge organisations who have not drawn up a plan to support employees for working remotely. This plan involves various elements, from connectivity to security. We would suggest drawing up and delivering a program to support employees that meets company guidelines and culture to minimise disruption to business as usual services.

The most common issues we’ve come across and will be addressing with this article are:  

  • Availability of systems and files from a remote location securely
  • Availability of a compliant and business-grade telephone system

Ready to make the call?

Excelien is working with a broad range of vendors to deliver these critical services faster, securely, and where possible free of charge. We have lined up several providers who will provide a free cloud-based telephony system to ensure that home users can experience a business-grade system and quality for Voice and Video from Dialpad, 8×8, RingCentral, Cisco and Vonage.

Remote access to systems

The biggest challenge our clients have experienced is having a system accessible for the workforce, and hoping a public cloud service will be the answer. With compliance and security always an issue for cloud vendors, Bare Metal services will be the quickest to spin up, meeting the requirements of your security compliance, and locality to users wherever needed, UK, Germany, Singapore wheresoever it is required. With INAP you’ll receive route-optimised IP (Performance IP) a patented technology which maximises your network’s potential by leveraging INAP’s robust global network and proprietary route optimisation engine. It enhances the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) by assessing the best-performing routes in real-time, simply meaning your users continue to receive applications as fast as usual. 

Cloud-based Telephony can be live as promptly as the application can be downloaded or logged into via a browser. INAP can provision Bare-Metal services within 2 hours, to the specification, performance and location required.

Excelien is working with INAP to provide a 14 day trial of their bare metal service to get you up and running.

Vendor Trials

Dialpad –

8×8 – https://www.8×

RingCentral – Please reach out directly, Ringcentral is offering their platform for free to not-for-profit and Education

Vonage – Please reach out directly, Vonage is offering their platform for free to not-for-profit and Education

Cisco –

GoToMeeting –


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